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Total Response offers web hosting at a resonable price as well as offline storage of your documents, pictures, etc. A card must be on file with Total Response to use this service. The pricing for hosting is as follows for international users in American Dollars:
Personal web site prices - non business web site    Business web site prices
Sign up fee (one time) : $40                                  $50
One page web site : $10 a month                            $15 a month
2 - 3 page web site : $15 a month                           $30 a month
5 page web site : $17 a month                                $45 a month
6 - 20 pages web site : $30 a month                     $50 a month
21 - 40 pages web site : $37 a month                   $70 a month
41 - 100 pages web site : $42 a month                 $100 a month
100 - 500 pages web site : $60 a month               $300 a month
We also can create a web page for you. The setup fee is. $20 and it is $10 a page
For customers who have hosting with us offline storage is included free of charge in the hosting price. To sign up for service please fill out the form below or you can call a rep at (512) 412-2195 if you wish to not give the credit card number in the form and wish to give it over the telephone. You can also leave the credit card info blank and fill out the rest of the form and a rep will get it when he/she calls.
Name or Company name :
Type(Business or personel) :
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Credit card number :
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