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Offline Storage-10 Gig-$12 a month
Offline Storage-50 Gig-$15 a month
Offline storage-100 Gig-$20 a month
offline storage-400 Gig-$35 a month
Web hosting-one page-$2 a month
Web hosting-10 Gig-$5 a month
Web hosting-40 Gig-$10 a month
Web hosting-100 Gig-$25 a month
Web Hosting-250 Gig-$32 a month
Web Hosting-500 Gig-$45 a month

All offline storage comes with one page website for free
The prices quoted above are for personel users. Company add $50 o top of personel user prices
You must have a card on file to use the service. You can either put it in the form here
or you can give it to a authorized rep over the phone
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